Professional Hardscaping Makes Any Property Beautiful

“Hardscaping” includes all of our services which revolve around the nonliving elements of your grounds. Whether you would like a long-lasting retaining wall, a driveway that won’t cause inconvenient runoff or puddling, or a walkway or patio that won’t give out under the Midwest’s harsh weather, Francis Landscape Essentials is standing by to deliver the ideal high-quality solution.

We work quickly – without sacrificing workmanship – and always endeavor to minimize our impact on our client’s surrounding property. Our innovative pricing structure also means you will be certain of how much we’ll charge for our services before you welcome us to your property!

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls help to prevent soil erosion that can make a lawn disappear, as well as flatten out ground so it becomes usable for gardening and recreational activities. But retaining walls are far more than simple utilitarian structures. When laid carefully, a retaining wall greatly enhances the surrounding property’s natural beauty. And depending on the material it is made of, a good retaining wall can easily last for a century!

Would you like to add a functional yet attractive retaining wall to your property? Let Francis Landscape Essentials design and install the perfect retaining wall for you! We’re happy to implement any preferences you might have for your retaining wall, and once we have agreed on a design, budget and timeframe we’ll set right to work bringing your custom retaining wall to life.

We also provide seating walls!

Permeable Driveways

Homeowners living in a climate as damp as Minnesota’s are already aware of the biggest downside of traditional concrete driveways: They let rainwater and meltwater run off to cause serious erosion and pooling. You don’t want a new body of water to form outside of your house!

Francis Landscape Essentials provides just the solution to this age-old problem. Our permeable driveways let water soak back into the ground where it belongs, which creates the additional benefit of reducing ice formation during the wintertime. Our permeable driveways are environmentally friendly, highly durable, and able to provide all the traction you need to walk and drive safely year round. Our wide selection of materials means we can create a permeable driveway that will perfectly complement any property!

Walkways & Patios

A great patio won’t just add to your home’s resale value – it will also provide a fine refuge where you can enjoy Minnesota’s precious few days of warm weather. Well-designed walkways will similarly improve your home’s curb appeal while helping you avoid damaging your lawn or taking a spill!

We proudly create aesthetic paver patios and walkways for our clients throughout the greater Twin Cities and St. Cloud areas. Poured concrete will inevitably crack under the stress of Midwestern winters. Pavers share this shortcoming, although their ability to be replaced quickly, cheaply and easily makes them the far better option for patios and walkways in our climate! And when you hire Francis Landscape Essentials to hardscape your property, you can always count on fast installation and zero mess to clean up afterward.

We also build stairways!

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