Property Maintenance Is Not a Chore. It’s an Art Form

When you hire Francis Landscape Essentials to maintain your home’s lawn or the grounds surrounding your commercial or multi-family property, you will enjoy real peace of mind that we’ll treat your land with just as much care as we would treat our own.

The value of our property maintenance service goes beyond the quality of our work itself. Our innovative pricing structure means that you will know exactly what you will pay before we begin work. Hidden fees are never in store for Francis Landscape Essentials’ clients! Our fierce commitment to punctuality will never leave you wondering when we’re about to arrive, and we always seek to minimize the intrusion our work represents by working quickly – without sacrificing quality, of course.

Whether you hire Francis Landscape Essentials for a one-time cleanup or regular property maintenance service, our only goal will be your total satisfaction. This isn’t just a job to us. It is our life’s work!

Spring Cleanup

You’re probably glad to see winter finally leave – even if the state it leaves your yard in is distressing. Spring cleanup is a hefty job, but when you’ve got the professionals of Francis Landscape Essentials on your side you’ll have all the time you need to stop and smell the flowers!

We offer a total solution for spring cleanup at your property, including:

  • Clearing weeds, twigs and all other debris from grass, flower beds, and the bases of trees and shrubs
  • Removal of coverings from trees and shrubs
  • Checking trees and shrubs for any branches that may have been damaged by frost, salt or rodents, and trimming them away to welcome new growth
  • Trimming perennials and removing old annuals
  • Mulching, fertilization, and any other care your lawn needs

Fall Cleanup

Minnesotans haven’t survived for so long in this climate because we don’t know how to prepare for winter. Before the sky buries your landscape beneath ice and snow, hire Francis Landscape Essentials for a full fall cleanup!

We offer a total solution for fall cleanup at your property, including:

  • Raking, mulching, and removal of all debris from the yard (including anything that rodents could hide beneath)
  • Full pruning of trees and shrubs, including removal of any decaying branches that could threaten injury or property damage
  • Fertilization and aeration to help the lawn quickly spring back to full health once warm weather returns
  • The final mow of the season (always a bittersweet mow), and any other care your lawn needs

Gutter Cleaning

Don’t let the leaves and other debris clogging your gutters and downspouts threaten your property with foundation damage! We’ll scour both until they’re as clean as the day they were installed.

Drain Basins

Is water gathering on your lawn? Don’t stand for such an inconvenience – trust Francis Landscape Essentials for all your drainage basin management needs! Once we have determined precisely how your yard is failing to drain correctly, we’ll design and implement the ideal drainage solution. We can transform any budding swamp into a luscious lawn in no time!

Lawn Care Plans

Would you like to place your lawn’s care in the hands of a professional? Francis Landscape Essentials provides far more than just the regular mowing your lawn needs to look great. Our owner is highly knowledgeable about the ways in which Minnesota’s climate and soil conditions affect a lawn’s health, as well as all the pests and weeds which can invade your property. That’s why we’re able to satisfy anyone’s preferences for lawn care, however particular they might be.

Your customized lawn care program awaits. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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