Professional Softscaping for Any Style and Budget

Hardscaping gives a landscape character. Softscaping, on the other hand, gives it personality. Whether you would like every single plant in your yard uprooted and replaced or just a few cosmetic touch-ups here and there, you need look no further in the Twin Cities or St. Cloud areas than Francis Landscape Essentials.

We take every effort to make our softscaping projects last for a very long time. That includes selecting plants which are both healthy and ideally suited to our clients' landscapes, as well as mulches and other softscaping materials that we have personally tested for great quality.

We work closely with each of our clients to ensure that the softscapes we create are perfectly suited to their preferences. Our great deal of experience means that we can bring your vision for your lawn to life, however detailed it might be! And thanks to our innovative pricing structure, you can always be certain of what we will charge before we break ground.


Mulch is the cornerstone of any well-tended landscape. It retains your soil’s moisture, increases its nutrition and maintains its temperature to support healthy plants. Mulch also prevents erosion, as well as the growth of weeds which rob your good plants of their nutrients and make your yard look unkempt.

Mulch is also heavy, and spreading it correctly demands a lot of time and effort. Fortunately you’ve got Minnesota’s foremost mulch authority on your side! We’re happy to place any mulch you specify, as well as share our considerable expertise so you can pick the best mulch for your property. You’ll be amazed by how dramatically our mulching service improves your property!

Planting & Pruning

Would you like to add a few accent shrubs here and there to your property – or cordon it off with an impressive hedge wall? Francis Landscape Essentials is standing by to plant healthy, beautiful shrubs that will add beauty to your property for many decades to come! We’re experienced with all of Central Minnesota’s most popular varieties of shrubs, and are poised to recommend the best fits for your land’s unique needs.

Keeping a shrub happy is important as well. Count on our mastery of pruning and horticulture to shape your shrubs exactly as you would like them, as well as keep them hail and hearty in Minnesota’s unforgiving climate. Dogwood, chokecherry, daphne, honeysuckle, hydrangea, witch hazel, serviceberry and more – if it’s a shrub, we will make it presentable!

We also provide shrub and small tree removal!

Sod & Artificial Turf

Has your lawn become worse for wear over the years, or has a recent renovation or construction project left your property surrounded by unattractive bare dirt? Seeding grass will take time, but with sod you can enjoy a luscious, dense and erosion-resistant lawn in no time! Save water and save trouble – hire Francis Landscape Essentials and you’ll have gorgeous lawn in mere hours.

If you would rather enjoy the lowest-maintenance lawn possible, then you may want artificial turf instead. Ask us about this versatile and environmentally friendly lawn care solution. We’ll be sorry that we won’t be able to mow for you, but installing artificial turf is a rewarding enough job on its own!

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